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What is Cultured Stone?

Manufactured or cultured stone veneer is a type of stone that is produced by the mixing of concrete in a mold, then later adding various colors to form a product that looks almost exactly like natural stone.

Types Of Cultured Stone Veneers

Cultured stone veneer comes in a variety of types to serve different purposes. In the first category, you can either opt for thin or fully dimensional stone veneers. Basically, how thick is it? The most important aspect you should consider before choosing any type is the depth of the surface you want to decorate. Since the items are added to what is already there, it’s possible to get too much depth.  The thin variety only comes with a maximum of two inches, whereas the full-dimensional designs are made from two inches thick, progressing to any size you might desire.

The second category includes the mortared and dry stack cultured veneers. Dry stack appears like building blocks when laid on top of each other and uses no material to bond them to each other. The opportunity to use no bonding materials allows you to fix the stones even closer to your desired sizes. The stacks achieve a contemporary look that improves the aesthetics of your home. Mortared veneers, on the other hand, utilize mortar to hold the stones together. The design is suitable for homeowners who want to achieve an older, more historic look.

Installation Process

The process of installing a manufactured stone veneer is simple for any qualified mason. The first step is to make sure the installation surface is waterproof. After that, it is simply a matter of applying mortar and the cultured stone in the design you want.

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