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The Reality

Stucco is almost impossible to repair. 

As a building material, stucco is a relatively durable, attractive, and weather-resistant wall covering. However, even though one of the primary ingredients is concrete, it is the softest version of it. So, while stucco is a trendy exterior finish, it will degrade over time if not maintained.

When stucco starts to crack, crumble, or chip, it’s time to take action.

Even if you just focused on a smaller part of the overall installation, simple things like matching the color are extremely difficult. Further, the building code has changed in many places. In PA, 10 years ago, building code specified a 1/2″ thickness for stucco. Today, it is 7/8″ and, unfortunately, you can’t apply an extra coat to get to the required thickness. You end up tearing it all off, just to reapply it thicker.

The Decision

After we inspect the site, we’ll make a determination about the extent of the damage and the work to resolve it. 

If you want to replace the stucco, we can remove it and reinstall it fresh. While it isn’t common, some people want to do that and we’re happy to help. Most of our clients opt to remove the damaged stucco and replace it with high-quality siding. 

Replace with Stucco

In this case, the entire stucco installation must be removed and new stucco installed. Naturally, before we install the new stucco, we will make sure that whatever caused the problems with the original installation has been repaired.

Replace with Siding

If you decide that you want to change the look of your home or you don’t want to reinvest in stucco, there are great siding options available. We are certified installers of Hardie Plank siding as well as vinyl siding.

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