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Replacing stucco with stucco

We don’t generally recommend replacing stucco siding with more stucco siding. Particularly if you’re planning to sell your home. Stucco has a bad reputation based on a poor durability record due to inferior installation materials. There are some great stucco replacement options. We usually suggest switching to HardiePlank or vinyl siding.

However, you may still decide to replace your stucco with fresh stucco. We’re experienced stucco contractors and can help regardless of what you decide to do.

As noted in other places on this site, stucco today provides a durable, low maintenance finish that adds character to a house. Also, in some instances, if you have an older, or historic home, you may want to keep that look.

Further, in the last few years, there have been improvements in the materials and installation techniques. Today, properly installed stucco can give your home a long-lasting, easily maintained, waterproof exterior.

Our process is outlined below. 

Step 1: Stucco Removal

We’ll remove and discard the existing stucco. Then, we’ll remove and replace any damaged wallboard.

Step 2: Repair

Depending on the extent of the damage, this may require removing windows and installing new framing and sheathing, kickout flashing, a new, drainable, house wrap, and a waterproofing screen.

Step 3: Install

First, is the furred, wire mesh. Then, several layers of new stucco. Typically, this will include a scratch coat, a brown layer, and a top or finish coat. However, there are always new materials coming on the market and recently a one-coat option has become available.

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