Stucco Replacement or Stucco Repair?

Stucco provides unique and textured appearances on the exterior of houses. They add a lot of character and also adds to the practical value of a house. The stucco is fire and mold resistant meaning it is very durable. It helps in soundproofing also and it is seamless.

There are few maintenance requirements of the stucco than there are for other exterior finishes. Hence it is very cost-friendly. However, there are still various processes that you have to do in order to maintain and care for the stucco.

You might be tempted to pull it down and start from scratch. And this may seem like it would make more financial sense to keep it and repair it.

But if you are trying to sell your home or plan on trying to sell in the near future. Buyers are currently steering away from buying homes with stucco siding because of the “stigma” that is associated with it right now.

You may require the services of a professional contractor to handle the job. Or you can try and Do it Yourself. Not very feasible if it’s not a small area. It is recommended that you hire a professional as they are more efficient and reliable.


What You Should Know About Repairing

If you have stucco or plaster on the exterior walls of your home, the main question that people ask themselves is, ” Do I need to replace or repair my stucco.” It is more expensive to remove and clean the whole thing and start from scratch. It is more cost-effective to work with a contractor who will be able to repair the damage and refinish it.


Removing the whole thing will create a big mess in your house. The professionals will perform a close inspection of the stucco to determine whether it needs to be repaired or replaced.

They need to check if the stucco is well attached to its lath. The lath is the wooden slats that keep it attached to the wall’s framework. This is where they will determine if the stucco needs repair or to remove it completely.

How It Is Done


A surface quality inspection of the stucco should be done to get a sense of the extent and type of repairs that are needed. After the inspection, techniques on how to go about the repair are generated. These techniques are used to reattach the stucco layer to the lath, repair the surface damage, and then repaint. This will make the stucco look like it’s new.

When it comes to cracks, the shape and size of the crack will determine which problem and how to fix it. Some minor cracks tend to appear due to stress. The stress is caused by contractions and expansions of the stucco. The minor cracks can be dealt with by installing a strong fabric mesh. It will expand and contract alongside the wall.

Large cracks have a characteristic feature of running diagonally. If a large crack appears it means that the stucco is pulling away from the lath. Large cracks are fixed by installing a plaster button. A plaster button is a washer that runs through the plaster in order to reattach the plaster to the lath.

The only reason that a professional will state that the stucco needs a replacement is when there is significant crumbling on the surface,  that is has been contaminated and has failed the home inspection and that is the best remedy.

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