Repairing Stucco

Stucco lasts for quite a long time, however, it’s not impervious. It reaches a time when cracks and holes develop on its surface. Such could lead to more damage on the surfaces once moisture starts getting in. Some loose areas may also develop on the surface, once loose stucco begins to fall off.

Once stucco begins to fall or gets completely damaged, such areas require immediate repair. How is this done? The stucco is restored fully, not adding a few patches. The loose stucco is completely removed and the whole process repeated again. Let’s see how it’s done.

Get Rid of Loose Stucco

Using a cold chisel, or hammer do some tapping and remove all the loose stucco. Do this carefully, ensuring not to damage the sheathing or wood lath.

Fit the Building Paper

Add two pieces of building paper on the area with a patch. Ensure to cover all the wood to prevent its contact with moisture. Once well placed, staple the first building paper to the wood to have it held, and the second over the first.

Add Metal Lath

Install galvanized metal mesh stucco lath pieces. Just like the building paper, the lath should be placed leaving no spaces. Use some roofing nails to fasten it. Make sure to use long nails that penetrate through the wood.

Mix the Stucco

Mix the stucco as instructed by the manufacturer. Ensure to use the right equipment for proper mixing. For small amounts, use a mixing paddle and a drill. For large amounts go with a mortar mixer.

Apply the Coats

Begin with the scratch coat. Scoop little amounts of wet stucco placing them on the mesh. Do this until the whole patch area is covered. Press the new stucco carefully and smooth it until it fits perfectly with the old one.

Apply the brown coat evenly and smooth it. Mist it with some water. Once it’s done apply the final coat or the color coat. Choose a good color so as to have the desired appearance. However, remember to match the color of the patch stucco to that of the surrounding stucco. Once you are done, texture it appropriately.

That’s a perfect stucco repair that gives the desired look rather than just remaining strong.