Stucco Inspection

Even though stucco is one of the better siding surfaces out there and one of the choices for builders and homeowners, there are quite a few concerns about recent stucco installations. A stucco installation done improperly will eventually lead to a variety of structural damages including mold, leaks, and costly repairs.

Unfortunately, most of the damage will not be noticed for years because the problems may be hidden behind a wall, door, or window. It, therefore, may end up being too late to repair.

Fortunately, a professional stucco inspector can visit your home and resolve any issues before they become serious. A stucco inspection is basically a series of analyses and tests performed on the exterior surface of your home. The tests often utilize special equipment and the use of moisture reading devices.

What is Stucco?

Stucco is simply an exterior plaster that is applied to a wood frame or masonry structure. Stucco consists of a binder, water, and aggregate. It is applied in a wet state and will gradually harden to become very dense and solid. However, stucco is also permeable and for this reason, proper installation is important.

What will they do during the inspection?

A home stucco inspector will examine specific visual details such as expansion joints, floor screeds, head flashings, window joints, and door flashings. The finer detail examinations will include looking behind the stucco for any moisture issues.
Are there different types of inspections?

Stucco inspections fall into 3 levels of inspections. There is a first level siding identification, a second level non-invasive inspection, and a third level invasive inspection. A stucco representative can explain all of the details of what is involved in each of these 3 levels of inspection.

Stucco done properly can last for years and look attractive year after year. Having a professional do a stucco examination has many benefits. It provides exceptional peace of mind, eliminates costly repair or replacement costs, and adds to the resale value of your home. 

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