Cultured Stone Veneer Benefits Over Natural Stone

One of the major benefits of cultural stone veneer is it’s man-made thus sustainable, natural stone is plentiful albeit harder to claim it’s sustainable. Natural stone is an original product that comes through mining from the earth by utilizing different types of processes. The types of rocks include sandstone, marble, and onyx, among others. However, with the current technological advancements, there has been the provision to create a different type of stone called cultured or faux. The manufacturing process involves mixing of specific kinds of materials like cement and dye to form a product that has almost the same shape and texture of natural stone. Through the availability of different types of molds, the product ends up looking even better than natural stone. Both types of rocks are beneficial in construction, but if you consider their versatility, faux is the better option. Outlined below are cultured stone benefits over natural.

Variety In The Range Of Color

When you are selecting a natural stone, the types of colors are limited to only what the earth has to offer. However, in the case of cultured, they come in all arrays of colors to suit your needs and preferences. The production process utilizes all manners of color selections. Furthermore, the numerous range of molding equipment ensures that the stone comes in any type and design to suit all your construction needs.

It’s More Affordable

Cultured stone veneer is quite affordable as compared to natural stone. The pricing aspect comes about because there is minimal or no waste during installation. The need to cut or shape is not there because the manufacturers take up this role. Also, after installation, there is no need for maintenance practices like painting or coating. Once you purchase and later install, you will have completed the journey. With such type of stone, you will have peace of mind primarily if you use the help of professionals. The worry of incurring further costs in the future due to repair will be history for you.

Improves Aesthetics

Since this type of stone is not natural, you have the opportunity to consult and give your manufacturer specifications on the kind of shapes and design you will prefer for your house. As a homeowner, such advantages means your home will have a finishing you can relate to on a personal note. Whether you settle for rugged, striking, or refined designs, you will get the exact look you want. You can also choose the color type to go alongside your original theme.

Easy Installation

Natural stone is quite substantial when you compare it to cultured. The process of mining and later cutting it to the desired shapes and sizes is very tedious. Also, transportation and installation costs are high, making it generally expensive to use. However, the stone veneer is quite light and very durable as well. The designs of producing them ensure that you have an easy time when installing. Furthermore, the risk of injuring yourself or damaging the stones is very minimal.

If you consider using faux stone over the natural type, you will have enough time to focus on creating the look you want rather than making it. Looking at cultured stone veneer benefits over natural, as mentioned above, you have the opportunity to make your house have a stunning look. Morgan Exteriors is your local siding contractor offering many options other than cultured stone veneer siding. We also install Hardie Board Planks, vinyl, wood siding and all of these are great options for making your home or business look beautiful and creating eye-pleasing curb appeal. Contact us below for a free estimate.