Stucco Remediation Versus Stucco Repair: Learning The Difference

If your house has stucco, then you are lucky to have one of the trendiest kinds of exterior finish out there. Regardless if it is temperate or outright cold climates, stucco is everywhere even where no one would expect to see it. The concrete phase used to be often associated with desert and tropical climates because of its great insulation against heat and UV resistance. Indeed, insulating against heat is not one of the stucco’s best qualities. Other insulation materials have played a role in making it practical enough to make use of out of its comfort zone. As a homeowner with stucco, however, you have an idea of how easily-damaged the stuff can be. Generally, it’s the softest, most fragile phase of concrete, and major temperature fluctuations and strong winds can make it crumble, fracture, or chip away in time. Though repairing it might not be your first concern if you have serious home repairs on your dossier, it’s a bad idea to leave it to its own devices. Moisture could creep in, and your house’s structure can be more compromised with the weakening of the protective layer. When looking deeply into this matter, you’ll undoubtedly have two concepts to face: stucco remediation and stucco repair. So, what exactly is stucco remediation? Well, it’s really a simple concept; however, it’s important to understand that remediation and repair are vastly different concepts when it comes to stucco. Here, you’ll learn all you need to know about stucco remediation versus stucco repair.

Stucco Remediation

It refers to identifying the cause of the problem, resolving it, and replacing the damaged stucco. It usually requires the replacement of the whole building’s stucco system and is one of the most comprehensive solutions when it comes to stucco damage. The remediator will handle the stucco system’s underlying defects and install a new one properly. Though it’s generally the most expensive solution upfront, it minimizes the need for making more repairs in the future.

Stucco Repair

It refers to having a stucco expert identifying the stucco damage, fixing it, and replacing the damaged stucco with new stucco. One section of the siding’s damage is repaired; however, the cause of the breakage is left untreated. Though repair might be enough for minor stucco damage, it’s vital to ensure there isn’t any underlying issue causing the damage. Or else, there will most probably be another repair required on the horizon.

Inspecting Stucco

You’ll require to inspect and identify that there’s an issue in the first place before you choose between remediation or repair. If you realize that your stucco is rotting, bulging, or cracking, you probably need to take action. Leaking through the walls, that is not brought about by plumbing problems, are also an indication of stucco damage. A professional can conduct a proper inspection and then come up with the most suitable plan of attack.

Cost: Stucco Remediation Versus Stucco Repair

The cost between the two is the difference between long-term investment and a quick fix. If you repair one section of your household’s exterior, you’ll save cash in the short term but likely not in the long haul. Undoubtedly, several repairs over time will end up costing more compared to thorough, professional remediation. With properly installed stucco siding, it can also boost the resale value of a home.