What techniques are used in a Stucco Test?

Stucco testing is usually done to determine if you have a problem with moisture. Significant research has indicated that homes built from stucco are more prone to experience water intrusion. When this occurs, a pretty huge rate of failure occurs and costs a great deal to repair. Our article goes into more detail about stucco testing.

Testing can be done on the exterior and involves drilling some holes at strategic locations in the stucco. Moisture probes are then inserted to measure the current moisture content. This particular method is extremely accurate and effective for determining if there are any water problems within your home.

Additionally, testing can be done internally or in the interior. This method is similar to the exterior method. However, it is known to be somewhat limited due to the fact that some finishes cannot be damaged since they store personal items.

When it comes to inaccessible locations, these are generally cut. This means that cutting straight into the stucco is done in order to indicate if you’re faced with a problem or not. However, this method is generally expensive and leaves a bunch of ugly marks.

Additionally, a borescope inspection can be done which involves the use of a small camera into the cavities. The camera gives a clear image of the inside and determines the conditions present. However, if your walls are insulated, this method becomes useless.

Along with those mentioned, stucco testing can be done with the use of a borescope. This is carried out with the use of an infrared camera. Thermal images are produced which can give an almost inconclusive result. This is due to the fact that cooler sections are reported which do not give a clear indication of intrusion.

In conclusion, we’ve just looked at various methods that can be used for stucco testing. It’s a great idea to keep in mind that moisture can do a lot of damage. So, if you have a stucco house, or you’re buying one, it’s a great idea to get it tested. If you have had a stucco inspection and your home has failed the inspection. Let Morgan Exteriors “The Stucco Medics” help you through the process of determining the best remedy for your situation. Contact us below to schedule an estimate.